LIAN YU CHAIN Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 and is dedicated to the development of automatic conveyor chains and rubber gloves.
CNC automatic tool change system, tool library chain and related accessories, cosmetics automatic assembly chain and various special chain development and manufacturing.

  LIAN YU With years of professional experience and knowledge, technology, and eye-catching trends, it instantly responds to various needs of customers.
Develop a professional chain of efficient operation to continuously improve the efficiency of the tool magazine.
     All products have undergone rigorous measurement and rigorous assembly quality, providing high-quality, high-performance products, so they can work with various industries.
In the period of cooperation, we have obtained good reputation and reputation. The quality has been adopted by major domestic and international tool machine factories and related industries, and has reached international standards.

Business philosophy

Create value
Professional, responsible and active is L.Y eternal philosophy to develop high quality, reasonable cost products.

Technical base
Seeking new changes, researching and developing the highest standards,and ensuring that you will always lead the industry.

Customer orientation
To meet customer needs with "reasonable cost", "high quality" and "efficient efficiency" as the basis for product development.

Development vision

Provide the required chain and knife sleeve for production and manufacture according to customer needs. Long-term and trustworthy technology and service provider.